SAWCA to Present National Regulator Virtual Town Hall to Discuss COVID-19

Lexington, KY – There are many questions and concerns swirling around the COVID-19 pandemic regarding its impact on the workers’ compensation industry. To help answer and clarify the issues, the Southern Association of Workers’ Compensation Administrators (SAWCA) is presenting a National Regulators Virtual Town Hall April 22, 2020 at 1 PM Eastern that will allow workers’ comp administrators from all over the country to directly interact with each other …and their industry stakeholders. It will be hosted by the Center for Education Excellence. The moderators will be Bob Wilson and Safety National’s Mark Walls. A group of industry representatives will comprise the audience that will also be in the virtual room. is collecting public input for the meeting, where members of the workers’ compensation industry can submit questions and topics of concern for consideration in the program. People interested may submit those questions and comments here.

The Town Hall will be discussion oriented and topic driven. It is their goal to provide the regulatory community in conjunction with industry professionals an opportunity to share and discuss the issues being faced during this unprecedented crisis in the hope that by sharing their questions, concerns, challenges and successes all can better prepare for the immediate future. 

The “live” Town Hall on April 22nd will be recorded in a Zoom Meeting Room and presented in a “public” webinar that will run the following day, April 23rd, at 1PM eastern. State regulators will be available during the webinar to interact with public questions via the chat room while the video plays. Moderators will be online to assist. People in the workers’ compensation industry are encouraged to register for that free webcast.

SAWCA is proud to present this program at such a critical time for the industry. Improving communications between the regulator community and the industry it oversees will be a benefit for all involved. More information will be available on both the SAWCA website and at

Again, to submit a question or comment for the regulators, click here.

To participate in the public webcast and discussion, click here.